Alexandra and Peters wedding

Central Methodist Church and The Assembly Rooms in York

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Alexandra and Peters wedding

Wow, what a day!  
I met up with Alex (the bride) in the morning who was incredibly chilled out.  I arrived early so helped myself to a brew and waited for team bride and the lovely Natalie Willingham make up artist to turn up.

Team bride were definitely on it, they all had been assigned roles and were ticking them off the list.  It was a lovely busy atmosphere.  I managed to get the girls outside for a few quick pictures in their PJ’s.

I headed off for a walk (that’s what you do in York) to the Central Methodist Church.  I do like to see guests arrive and I was confused because everyone was carrying tupperware which I thought was bizarre, but they had all brought fabulous homemade treats for a bit of afternoon tea.

I was fascinated by the church, it was oval in shape so had a different dynamic of what I was used to.  Pete (the groom) was in good spirits and looking forward to the day.  Alex and Pete had brought their friend to perform the ceremony and he was amazing!  It’s so nice to be at a wedding when the minister knows the couple and makes everything personal.

Alex and Pete have some really cool, talented friends, some of them played some instruments and sang.  There’s something really special when a bride comes into happy songs that her friends are singing, the atmosphere in the church was sensational.  The music was an eclectic mix I remember a Stevie Wonder song, Bridge Over Troubled Water and also a Christmas carol.

After the party in the church everyone headed into the church hall for some tea and cake treats that all the guests had made.  I don’t know who made the rocky road but it was deliscious, in fact there may have been 2 or 3 pieces that went missing (start Monday).

It was time to get moving, so we lined everyone up on the steps of the church and everyone decorated the bride and groom with confetti.  We then had a little walk to the venue.  A group of 160 wedding guests on a busy Saturday walking up The Shambles is a real site and made some wonderful pictures.  We had a fabulous laugh, we stroked pretend llamas, stroked real life dogs, messed around with a balloon sellers cart and generally caused a bit of chaos (it would have been rude not to).  I always love urban weddings as the general public’s reactions are priceless, it’s the first time I’ve seen a groom given a sausage roll or Cornish pasty from a passerby.

The reception was held at The amazing Assembly Rooms which looked spectacular.  Everyone was up for a party, we had a few fun group pictures outside whilst the party went on.  One thing that I had never seen is a table where guests made floral headbands which apparently are a polish tradition because Alexandra is half Polish.Everyone got involved and some created wonderful colourful head pieces.

The speeches were very emotional.

The party continued, a band played some tunes, guests got competitive playing giant pick up sticks and everyone had loads of fun.  I was amazed by the DJ later in the night who managed to somehow mix Britney to ACDC and made it sound amazing.  It was a very special wedding day.

Congratulations Alex and Peter

Here’s just a few of my favourite pictures from the wedding at The Amazing Assembly Rooms in York aslo check out their slideshow (scroll down)


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