Canfer family

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Canfer family

“Wow wow wow! 

Your photos arrived today and are brilliant. Thank you very much. As someone who doesn' like having their photo taken or looking at photos afterwards I have loved the entire experience with you. The photoshoot was such fun and opening the beautiful box earlier was a real treat. We have spent most of the evening looking at all the photos and we are exceptionally happy. You have captured are perfectly flawed family so well. 

I want to do it all again! September perhaps?! I turn 40 then...

Thank you again so very much.

Natasha & Co”


Natasha got in touch with me and said that she really wanted a fun family portrait shoot which included herself, husband, 3-year- old son, seven-month- old twins a dog and a cat. Well they say never work with children and animals but I like a challenge

The location was the fabulous Cliffe Woods, in Clayton West, as soon as I met the Canfer family I knew we were going to have good fun. Fortunately, they didn’t bring their cat as it was a very hot day and chasing a cat around the woods may have been a step too far.

We met up just after lunch and any photographer knows that this is the worst time of day to shoot, but I said earlier I’m always up for a challenge. The shoot was great fun, I let the Canfer family just get on with a normal visit so a little picnic eating strawberries, riding bikes, exploring secret passage ways and generally messing about was all captured in a documentary style. They did want a couple of family shots where everyone was altogether but these were fun and natural.

After the shoot, we just sat on a rock and chatted, it was such a lovely relaxed lifestyle family portrait session.

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