Kirsty and Ash wedding

Waterton Park, Wakefield, West Yorkshire

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Kirsty and Ash wedding

It was my first time photographing a wedding at Waterton Park, Wakefield, West Yorkshire so I was very excited.  I knew the day was going to be fun and have fab people as many of them were from Barnsley (everyone I’ve ever met from Barnsley is sound)

Kirsty was super chilled in the morning she even had a dancing makeup artist.  Ash gave me a call and he told me he was on his way in a Austin Healey, Wow, the car was fabulous.  Later in the day I nearly fell out of the back of it, but all In a day’s work.  Ash was so happy with the car and looking forward to the days proceedings.

It was a really friendly atmosphere and very chilled out.  One of the guests brought a soft toy kestrel who was obviously kes (a famous film from 1969 set in Barnsley).  Kes got up to a bit of mischief in the day, he drank beer, ate cake, attacked the bride and even doubled up as underpants.

The weather was typically Yorkshire and couldn’t make its mind up.  There were lots of showers but we seemed to work with it.  After the wedding breakfast the sun came out and we went to have a play on some rowing boats.  Unfortunately we had no paddles so we couldn’t take them out, but to see a bride trying to get in a rowing boat is highly amusing.  Well done Kirsty for your efforts.

We then went out for a drive in the car, not the best idea I’ve ever had to sit,stand, kneel in the back of a 2 seater sports car.  It made for some good pictures so that’s all that matters.

The evening guests arrived and the party started.  They had a fabulous singer/guitar dude Leon Pashley who did a fantastic job of keeping everyone on dancefloor, I’m certainly going to recommend him in future.

The pork pie cake was cut (with a butter knife) and the party went on.  People were very drunk and everyone had a fabulous time.

Congratulations Kirsty and Ash.

Here’s just a few of my personal favourite pictures from their day.

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