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I remember the phone call, I was out shopping with my kids and I received a call from Rachel (the bride) “your pictures are ACE, they’re like snap shots but good” from that moment I knew that I wanted to photograph David and Rachels wedding.

The wedding was held at the fabulous Oulton Hall, Leeds.  I’ve shot a few weddings there, so I knew that it was going to be a fab day.  I arrived and met up with Rachel and team bride.  The usual hair and makeup was going on, so I did my thing and just documented what was happening.  The mood was very chilled and excited, and I just got to know everyone.

David the groom was also staying at the hotel, so I just pottered around capturing his day and Rachels.  My good friend and great cake maker Oliver James Sugarcraft arrived to deliver and set up the semi-naked cake which smelled lovely.  It was great to see him and his spirit level in action.  If you’re looking for a cake go see him.

Mornings of weddings are always a funny thing, it seems like you have hours to get ready but then suddenly there comes a moment and it’s just all systems go.  This was certainly the case with Rachel, we all lost track of time and then BOOM, ten minutes to go and she’d not even got into her dress.  Ten minutes later and team bride were on their way to the ceremony.  Rachel still looked stunning in a gorgeous dress from Dotty Bridal, Holmfirth.

The ceremony was great, one of their kids delivered a Pam Ayres poem which brought a few smiles and tears.  After the ceremony it was time for some mingling.  Rachel and David’s brief was “no formal pictures” unfortunately no one told the guests this.  There was a snow machine outside and everyone wanted to pose for a quick winter portrait after twenty minutes I managed to grab two mins of couple time with the bride and groom before heading in for candid pictures.  Captain Atlantic were performing an acoustic set (more on these later)

During the wedding breakfast I noticed that Wedding Venue Lighting had come in and set up an LED dancefloor which looked ACE and some LOVE letters.  However, I noticed that they said VOLE.  I did point this out, but this was a surprise from the groom (it's a long story).

It was now time for the speeches and the best man brought the house down, standing on his chair and delivering an amazing speech.  After the speeches the wedding party took control of the piano and everyone had a little sing-a-long.  During the songs Liam Gallagher who was staying at Oulton Hall came down the stairs.  Rachel and I ran after him to try and get a picture with him, but he jumped in a blacked-out bus and headed for the O2 Arena (miserable sod) It was all fun and games back in the hotel though.

The band Captain Atlantic who were incredible (best wedding band I’ve seen for a long time) took over the tunes for the night.  There was dancing, singing and falling over and the rest of the night was a real party.

I loved Rachel and David’s wedding, it was a perfect day.  I really enjoyed seeing how great the kids were, they all had their own personality and have a great relationship with their parents.  It was a day of fun with friends and family.

Please check out the slideshow from the day.

Congratulations Rachel and David

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