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Laura and Michael are two of loveliest people, so I knew that the day would be full of real, genuine folk.  They decided to tie the knot at the stunning Priory Cottages wedding venue in North Yorkshire. I arrived early for bridal preparations and to get to know everyone.  Often at weddings something goes wrong, at this wedding the make up artist didn’t turn up!  I was amazed how chilled Laura and team bride were, it was a case of “Keep Calm and Carry On”. 

I love venues where everyone is there together, so I kept on popping over to team groom to see how Michael and the boys were getting on.  Michael had purchased a bespoke suit which he LOVED.  He did look dapper and the fact that the suit had the wedding date underneath his collar was very impressive.

The Priory Barn was the setting for their ceremony which was fab.  After the ceremony we did the only shot that they had in their brief.  The bride and groom wanted a confetti shot with all the guests on the balcony so a couple of minutes that photo was in the bag and time for everyone to mingle.  The weather was one of those typical Yorkshire days where it was raining one minute and then sunny the next.

One of the funniest things I’ve seen is team groom trying to carry a floral arch from the barn into the marquee.  I guess they’re not the easiest things to move and the boys certainly proved this.  The whole afternoon was very relaxed, people were laughing and smiling so I just did my thing of capturing folk.

After the meal and speeches which were very amusing (especially the childhood pictures of Michael and Laura) they decided to have a pub quiz.  The quiz was fabulous and it’s something I would recommend to other brides and grooms.  They had certainly prepared everything with quiz sheets and loads of different rounds.  To be fair I think if I’d have played I’d have won because I seemed to know every answer (apart from the Formula One ones).  The victorious team all won medals and even a cup which they were very proud of.

After the quiz some of the guests headed outside.  Somehow there was a new game invented which involved chucking apples at an apple tree to get more apples. The groom chucked an apple which somehow landed on my head and nearly knocked me out, but I was fine, and he felt embarrassed hahaha.

It was now time for the first dance and the party to start.  Oh, my word what a laugh!  There was some very impressive drunk dancing on display.  The music was provided by James Clifford DJ Services and we spent the night coming up with songs which would make Uncle Ian (dancefloor supremo) fall over.  One of my favourite moments was when he did his ACDC Angus Young across the floor with his air guitar it was some of the most impressive drunk dancing I’ve seen.

The whole day was fabulous

Be sure to check out the slideshow for just a few of the highlights.

Congratulations Laura and Michael

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