Boshaw Trout wedding, Huddersfield – Lauren and Jim

2024 started with a bang! My first job was to photograph Lauren and Jim’s wedding at The Boshaw Trout in Holmfirth, Huddersfield. Lauren and Jim decided to tie the knot in Yorkshire as they live in New Zealand.

Lauren and Jim were similar to most of my wedding clients; they wanted me to capture their day without setting things up or doing cheesy poses. The wedding was intimate, with only twenty-two people, which was nice.

The fabulous Lynne Green celebrant conducted their ceremony, which set off the day nicely. It was an actual fun ceremony. After the ceremony, one of their guests sang his song. I’m not sure what it was called, but it was something like “You’ve made your bird your wife”. Everyone seemed to know the words, and we had a singalong, and everyone danced. It was a fabulous way to exit the ceremony room.

The rest of the afternoon, people chatted, drank, and smoked cigars, and I captured everything. The wedding breakfast was great; everyone sat at one large table, which helped the intimate atmosphere. Many people gave speeches, a New Zealand tradition, and many had funny stories.

In the evening, Lauren and Jim had their guests do some music; everyone in the room seemed to be a singer or a guitarist. The first dance happened, and then it was party time.

This was a wedding which was all about people and having a fun time. Exactly my kind of wedding.

Congratulations, Lauren and Jim.

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