Brand photography at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Meeting friends

I met with my fabulous photographer friends on Monday at The Yorkshire Sculpture Park. We initially met each other at the excellent Nine Dots conference in London a few years ago, and now and then, we have a little meet-up and put the world to rights.


Being a photographer can be lonely at times, and it’s brilliant to have a group of people to whom I can ask for advice. Whilst chatting over a brew, it was easy to see how much experience and expertise was around the table, and we could do great things if we collaborated. The photographers in question are – Sarah Bruce, Sadie from Baildon Wedding Photography and Mark Crayden.

Five-minute photoshoot

After our brews, we decided that we would take a few pictures. I had asked if I could get a few headshots as I haven’t gotten any, so we turned this into a challenge. We decided that we would do the five-minute challenge. The rules are you have five minutes to take as many good pictures as possible in the area you are in. It’s the first time I have tried it; it was great fun. It’s amazing how many pictures you can create in such a small window of opportunity. I was fortunate to have Sadie as my model, as she’s always up for anything.

It just illustrated that there is no need to take hours when photographing someone.

If you would like a quick photo shoot (probably a little longer than five minutes), then please get in touch

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