Brand photography for Burger Burger, Honley, West Yorkshire

Brand photography, Honley, Burger Burger

Burger Burger, brand photography, Honley

I had a quick photoshoot at Burger Burger in Honley, West Yorkshire, a couple of weeks ago. The shoot was for their Honley business listing on the Honley website.

Know what you want and escape.

The Honley shoots are a little different to most of my work. I only require about eight photos which tell the story of the business. In true John Steel style, I never stick to the eight pictures and usually do about fifty, but I don’t have it in me to do it any other way.

Photographing restaurants and cafes are always tricky because I am always very conscious of the customers enjoying their meals, and most don’t want a camera shoved in their faces.

Where to start

I quickly looked for my starting place, and there was a very happy, smiley waiter interested in photography, so I knew he was my go-to man to start. I knew I wanted to capture a picture of him carrying a tray of burgers up the stairs with the Burger Burger sign. As a documentary photographer, I capture things and not set them up, which is always more challenging.

Head to where the action is

I knew I needed some pictures of the burgers being prepared, so I headed to the kitchen to see the chef preparing them. I always find it fascinating to see behind the scenes of a business, and this was the same here. I captured the chef cooking and prepping burgers; nothing was set up, just honest documentary brand photography.


When photographing a restaurant, I want to capture the atmosphere, it’s hard when people are eating, but there are times when the food is delivered where you can do that. I always try to find smiling faces and laughter, as that’s what sells. 

I noticed that all the guests seemed to be from media agencies, so they were all doing their photos of the burgers and creating reels. I still find it difficult to understand, but I’m old and have been doing this for some time.

In and out

The whole shoot took about twenty minutes. I knew I had everything I required and more, and that’s the importance of knowing where the pictures would be used.

My final picture was a quick shot of the owners and their newborn baby.

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