Brand photography for Ellen Gray Hypnobirthing, Honley, West Yorkshire

Ellen Gray Hypnobirthing, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire

I had a little brand shoot with Ellen Gray Hypnobirthing in Honley, West Yorkshire, a while ago. When I first got the call to do this shoot, I had a bit of a panic moment and wondered what would be involved.

Fortunately, Ellen Gray wanted a personal brand shoot so I could breathe again.


There was only one answer for the location: Honley, West Yorkshire. The pictures were used for Ellen Gray’s business listing on the Honley website. Ellen has a stunning house overlooking a very picturesque part of Honley, so that was the perfect location for the shoot.


On the morning of the shoot, it was bright sunshine. Sunshine can be very tricky when photographing people, so I knew I would have to go armed with some off-camera flash which isn’t a problem as I am just using flash in natural light.

Start somewhere

When doing a shoot like this, setting your stall out and just getting started is essential. In the opening ten minutes of any shoot, I am just building a rapport with my client and working out how I need to run with the shoot. Ellen Gray was fantastic, and although a little out of her comfort zone, we created some fab pictures.


My goals for a shoot are for the client to enjoy the shoot and to create as much variety as possible. We started in the garden, headed to her patio/balcony, and popped down the road to her mum’s house to get something a little different.

The shoot was fab, it was over in less than an hour, and we got a great variety of images that Ellen Gray can use everywhere.

If you would like a brand shoot, then please get in touch with me 

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