Brand photography for RH Aesthetics in Honley, Holmfirth

Brand photography for RH Aesthetics

A couple of weeks ago, I headed to Honley to photograph Rachel Hawkswell of RH Aesthetics. I love the Honley shoots for the Honley website as I have to tell the story of each business, and I never know what I will walk into.

Rachels’s business is based downstairs in Topiary. I arrived, and we got to work. We grabbed a model from upstairs and started to create some pictures. I know very little about aesthetics, so I let Rachel guide me.

Telling the story

When photographing a business, I want to tell the story. My way to do this is to capture the details, close-ups, the environment, and Rachel doing what she does. 

Know when to stop.

One of the important things when I am working, is to know when to stop. I could recreate the same picture time after time, but I have an instinct of when enough is enough; after a few minutes, we let our model go.

Product shots

Product photos on a white background fill me with dread, so I always try to do product shots in the natural environment. I know that Rachel wanted a couple of the product photographs, which she sells, which also adds to the story.

Finish with a few headshots.

I knew I needed a couple of headshots of Rachel, but I wanted to take my time with these. I knew that the best results were when my client relaxed, so I waited until the end to complete this.

If you want some pictures of your business, please get in touch.

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