Brand photography for Stephensons landscaping, Honley, West Yorkshire

Stephensons trees and landscapes, Honley, West Yorkshire

I was asked to take some pictures for Stephensons Trees and Landscapes in Honley, West Yorkshire. This was for their business listing on the Honley website. As expected the Yorkshire weather didn’t disappoint and it thought torrential rain would be a good idea, I guess landscapers work in all seasons so I headed out in the rain to shoot.

Got to start somewhere

For this shoot, I had to start in a local school where some landscapers were planting pots and having a general tidy-up. The rain wasn’t much fun but I still had to capture what was happening. Fortunately, John one of the gardeners was up for having his picture taken and jumped on a mower and did some strimming so I could at least get something. I had a few pictures in the bag but knew I had to head off.

Tree surgeons

My next destination was to capture the tree surgeons in action. I was looking forward to this and had visions of them swinging from tree to tree and chopping down branches with a chainsaw. I think I was thinking of a mixture between Tarzan and James Bond. When I arrived the rain had started to get heavier so I knew it was going to be a wet one. I met the chaps and then I saw them in action. I love seeing people working in interesting jobs and it didn’t disappoint. One chap headed up the tree chopping down all of the branches and the other guys retrieved and shredded the branches.

I like to challenge myself to work out how to best shoot something so it was good fun, despite the weather being a bit British. I would love to go back on a nice sunny day to capture these guys but for the twenty minutes I had, it was fascinating.

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