Brand photography, Honley for Rarebites

Personal brand photoshoot for Rarebites in Honley, Holmfirth

Last week I had a personal brand photoshoot at the fabulous Rarebites in Honley, Holmfirth. I met up with Ann and her team and we had a right laugh capturing some cheesy goodness. The photoshoot was for their business listing on the Honley website.

Start somewhere

With any photoshoot beit a personal brand or commercial you have to start somewhere. I always read body language and work out where to start. I decided that the best way to start would be for Ann to cook the classic with melted cheese. When she started cooking I saw that she had some special cheese irons which were certainly unusual so I made sure I captured some pictures of her using these as this is a bit of a unique selling point.

Variety is the spice of life

When I am photographing any kind of independent business on a personal brand shoot I always try to tick as many boxes as I can. I always put myself in the customer’s shoes and think, what would I want from a shoot? How many pictures and what variety. I knew that I needed to capture the process of the food being made, some pictures of the final product, some of the shop, bits of detail and some pictures of all the staff members.

Cheese jokes

Just while I remember I knew these were going to be my kind of people as soon as I walked into the shop and saw some cheese jokes. Dad jokes and cheese jokes always make me smile and it was a great indication of the people that I was dealing with.

Thirty minutes

I never watch the clock when I am on a shoot but for the Honley photoshoots I know the average time is roughly thirty to forty minutes and in that time I am trying to build a rapport with my client and at the same time telling the story of the business. After photographing Ann making the traditional base I then asked Hollie to make a milkshake which was absolutely delicious.

Time to photograph people

I knew that I had built a rapport with everyone so it was time to start to photograph them. I wanted to grab candid, natural pictures so I first started with a quick group shot (well three people) and then I asked Diane and Ann to pretend to serve someone (I know it sounds a bit cheesy) sorry, couldn’t resist.

Finally, I knew that we needed a few pictures of the team outside. I had suggested we did this shot the last as it was a good way to end the photoshoot.

The shoot was fabulous and if you like toasted cheese sandwiches then make sure you get yourselves down to Rarebites. If you are looking for a photographer who is great a capturing people then get in touch with me, if you would like more information check out my personal branding page.

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