Brand photography Huddersfield, Grant Saunders hypnotist

Brand photography Huddersfield Grant Saunders Hypnotist

A couple of weeks ago, I headed to Huddersfield for a brand shoot with my good friend Grant Saunders. Grant is a world-class hypnotist, speaker, mindset coach, live streamer and probably other things I can’t think of, so I knew he had lots of usage for the pictures.

Have a brief

When we had discussed what pictures Grant wanted, he mentioned that he wanted some photos in the hills of Yorkshire. On the day we met, he decided he would like to have some pictures somewhere, derelict and with lots of graffiti. Fortunately, I spend my life looking for locations, so I had the perfect venue in mind. It’s where I previously did a photoshoot. Check it out here.


I love pictures which are different, so I was happy that Grant had decided to choose a different location (I love a challenge). We had gone out in golden hour, so I knew I could create fabulous images. When we arrived, the location looked a bit sketchy, and we kept on hearing some doors slamming but decided to go through with the shoot. 

Know your subject

I have photographed Grant many times, so I learn something about him every time. I know that Grant loves to have a moody look. However, something else is needed for him, and the moments in between always get the best pictures, so I have to work with that. 

Here are some other shoots of Grants.
live show

Studio pics

There’s always room for more.

After we had photographed Grant in the derelict building, we still had some light left, so we decided to go for plan A and head to the hills. I had a place in mind, so we headed there. When we arrived, I got out of the car, and it was very windy. Grant being the diva he is, wouldn’t get out of the car, so we had to head to another location.


We arrived at another location, and I could see that it would be a bit windy and wild, but I told Grant to put his big boy pants on and get out (we are very good friends). He also had a few changes of clothes. For this shot, he wanted something dramatic, so I had to set up some lighting which took a couple of minutes. We had about 10 minutes shooting pictures, and then it was time to go and get a brew and warm up.

I look forward to Grant using the pictures; I’ve already seen them used for his talk in Las Vegas this week.

If you want some pictures with character, please get in touch.

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