Brand photography Huddersfield, West Yorkshire

Holm Valley Venetian, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire

Business brand photography for Holme Valley Venetian

I had a business brand shoot with Ben from Holme Valley Venetian a couple of months ago. This photo shoot was to create pictures for Holme Valley Venetians business listing on the Honley website.  


I always approach my shoots with storytelling in mind, and this was no different. I knew that I required some pictures of Ben and his colleague plastering, some portraits, detailed shots and anything else I could see that would help to tell the story in pictures.

It’s not rock n roll.

I walked into a dusty room and just started capturing what I saw. Working in spaces like this is hardly the rock n roll lifestyle that some people think I lead, but I love this kind of stuff. I always let my clients get on with what they are doing, and I work a way around to capture natural, real pictures.

Venetian plastering

The unique selling point of Ben is his Venetian plastering. It’s hard to describe this, but it’s similar to a marble effect; the final results certainly give the wow factor. I knew that I needed to capture this process in action. 

Twenty minutes

The shoot only took about 20 minutes, just before I left. I made sure I shot some candid, fun portraits of the boys, always leave on a high.


I try not to be a perfectionist, but unfortunately, I am what I am. I can’t leave things half done; I knew that I needed to capture a few pictures of the finished product to finish the shoot off properly. I arranged to meet the chaps for ten minutes a few weeks later. I was amazed by the transformation, and the Venetian plastering looked stunning.

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