Brand photography in Honley, West Yorkshire Tatchell Motors

Tatchell Motors brand photography in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire

Tatchell Motors is the following business on my list to photograph for the Honley website. The reason for the brand photoshoot was for Tatchell Motors’ business listing.

Understand your client’s needs

My number one rule when I am on a photo shoot is to understand your client’s needs. Know what pictures you need, where they will go and how long it will take. When I headed down to Tatchell Motors, I knew I couldn’t take too long. A family business which has been going for years thrives on word of mouth, and advertising for them isn’t particularly important.

Time is of the essence.

I read body language, and I knew after meeting Stephen and Marcus Tatchell they wouldn’t want me to set shots up or to take loads of time to do the shoot; quick and efficient was the way to go.


It may surprise you, but I’m no expert in dent repair, so I need to watch and see what happens. I want to capture natural pictures, so I grab the story and the process. I knew I only needed a few photos for each area of the business, so as soon as I got a small handful, I moved them on to the next.

Twenty minutes and done

I could tell after fifteen minutes that they had, had enough. I knew I had more than enough pictures to tell the business story, so I planned my exit.

Brand photography doesn’t have to take all day so if you are after a photo shoot which is short and snappy, then get in touch with me at

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