Brand photography in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire

Brand photo shoot for South Pennine Community transport.

I had a brand photo shoot for South Pennine Community Transport in Honley, West Yorkshire, yesterday. The shoot was for their business listing on the Honley website, so I knew I wanted to capture pictures of people and capture the community spirit.

People buy from people.

My strength in photography is being able to capture people and create fun and natural pictures. I headed over to the depot, and we started straight away. The mechanics and drivers were all in good spirits, so I tried to capture their personalities without worrying too much about weird posed pictures.


One of my strengths is working people out very quickly. As soon as I chatted with Kevin, the owner, I could see how passionate he was about buses and, more importantly, how a bus can positively affect a community. I have seen this first hand with my mother as buses are her lifeline and enable her to get out and about. It was fascinating to see how passionate Kevin was.

The shoot

After I had shot some pictures of the mechanics, I captured pictures of Claire cleaning a bus, Mr August driving, and some group shots. Mechanics under a bus and everything else we could think of.

Happy passengers

I was excited to head into Holmfirth Bus Station to meet one of the buses. I had been told that the driver was a character (Leanne, I think), and she had about eight minutes before she had to get on her way. It was lovely to see how well all the customers knew her, people wanted to have their picture taken with her, and we just laughed. Kevin told me some wonderful stories about couples who had met on the bus service; we reminisced about Day Rovers and Saver Strips, and Claire even started singing the song.

The whole shoot was loads of fun, and it’s so easy to see how passionate all of the people at South Pennine Community Transport are about serving their passengers.

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