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Leeds Brand Photography Mark Endacott

A couple of weeks ago, I headed to Leeds, West Yorkshire, to meet with Mark Endacott from Endacott Associates. I had met Mark several times and knew he was confident and trusted me, so that was a good start.

A rough plan

I had a rough plan as I arrived early for some recce. Just before Mark came, it started raining, so I began to think of a plan B. I knew Marks’s brand colours are orange and blue, so I had that in mind to find spots that complement them.

Start somewhere

I always try to keep my shoots as relaxed as possible, and it’s all about getting the best from my client, so the first few minutes are just warming up. In Leeds City Square, they have just put in a new art installation: some tree sculpture. I knew that would be great for a shoot, and I’ve never seen any pictures of them, so it was a great starting position.

Go with the flow.

Within a few minutes, I knew Mark was very confident, and I had no worries. The hard part had been done, so it was time for fun. We wandered around the city centre looking for shapes, colours and textures. I got into lots of interesting positions, talked loads of nonsense and just had loads of fun.

Learn from your client.

One of the best ways to get rapport with your client is to listen to them. Mark is a sales guru, so getting loads of tips from him was great. He was passionate about giving information, which was a perfect way to build that relationship.

Know when to end.

I have a good instinct for knowing when we have enough pictures and when to end. I tried to look for an excellent shot to end, and this shoot was no exception. We were going to the carpark, and I saw a poster with which I knew we could have fun. Mark jumped in, created the pose I suggested, and didn’t worry that there were loads of people standing at a bus stop and walking past. I love things like this.

The shoot was brilliant fun, and Mark loved the pictures.

Please contact me if you are interested in a brand shoot that has plenty of personality.

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