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Brand photography in Morley

Last week I headed to Morley for a photo shoot with Digital Energy agency. My brief was relatively minimal and was to capture some headshots of the individual members of the team, some working shots, photos of the office dogs and maybe a quick group shot.

Introverted, creative people

I walked into the studio, and I could instantly tell that it was a group of people who didn’t like having their pictures taken. Fortunately, I am one of those people, and I specialise in photographing people who don’t like having their pictures taken. The secret is to start slowly. I took a position on the floor and made friends with the office dogs, who certainly had their own personalities. Once people get used to me, I can take my camera out of my bag and start taking pictures.

Start with the candids.

During the shoot’s first five to ten minutes, I took pictures that I knew would be deleted, but it was just a process. Media agencies are always full of people staring at the matrix all day. There was no angle to capture exciting pictures as everyone faced the wall. Fortunately, this is just a starting point.

Individual headshots

I knew it was time to start doing the shoot, so I always looked for the least scared person. I knew who it would be, so I asked him to stand next to the window and shoot portraits using natural light. As all my shoots seem to do these days, I photographed people and their dogs, but I’m always happy to mix things up.

Candid shots

The team wanted photos of them having a meeting, so they grabbed their laptops, and the meeting commenced. I have lost the number of fake meetings I have photographed, but this team had an exciting meeting. When people are engaged, they forget I am there, which is a bonus.

Group shot

Finally, it was time to capture a team shot. These are always easier done outside. The day was one of the hottest days of the year, so I knew we had to be quick. I headed for the shade and found a shutter door, and we captured a band-style group shot.

The shoot was great; meeting a new agency locally to me was good. I enjoyed dealing with some creatives; we got some fab shots there.

If you would like a photo shoot, please get in touch with me.

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