Brand photos in Honley, West Yorkshire

Breathing Space, Honley

My next brand photo shoot for the Honley website was Breathing Space. Caroline offers emotional support for young people. Caroline is a child psychologist who has just opened her Space in Honley, West Yorkshire.


I knew the pictures of Caroline would be much better if I had some people to model, so as it was the school holidays, I brought my kids along to help me out.

Documentary photography

I am a great believer in creating pictures which are as natural as possible. I try not to set up weird posed photoshoots, and instead, I want to capture exactly what happens, so this is the approach I took with Caroline.

On arrival, the child is given a hot chocolate before the session starts.

Tell the story

My youngest was the first in the hot seat, and she is age seven, so Caroline’s technique was to ask her questions while she was drawing. I could see how practical this approach was, but I tried to tell the story whilst watching and listening to exactly what was happening.

After I had enough pictures, it was time for my eleven-year-old daughter. I saw the approach differ, and it seemed to be more about educating but was fascinating.

It doesn’t take long

After about twenty minutes, I knew I had more than enough pictures for The Breathing Space’s business listing on the Honley website. I always find on a shoot that there is a time when you know it has ended. If interested, check out Caroline’s website at The Breathing Space.

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