Brand photoshoot in Honley. West Yorkshire

Personal brand shoot for Aromatherapy by Samantha

The next business on the agenda for the Honley website was Aromatherapy by Samantha. I headed to her home therapy room to see her in action. 

I will be the first to admit that I know very little about aromatherapy, so I am always happy to learn.

Use a model

I suggested to Samantha that the best way to do the photo shoot would be to find someone who could model for her and let her do her thing. Sam decided to rope our fabulous Honley copywriter in Sophie Seddon PR, so it was great to have her there. When I am capturing someone like an aromatherapist, the best pictures are the ones where I catch what is happening.


I have photographed loads of spas and therapists, and I have learned over the years that it’s essential to create pictures that show the ambient light and how a therapy room will be for the client. Nothing is worse than blasting a space like this with white light and making the room look clinical. 

I knew I needed to set up a quick flash with a cool temperature orange gel on to preserve the room’s ambience.

Tell the story

I just left Samantha working with Sophie giving her a lovely massage, head massage, and generally relaxing. I tell the story by capturing pictures from a distance which illustrates the room, getting close-up details of hands massaging, mid-distant images of Samantha and everything else I can do.

Natural light is my friend.

After Samantha had finished Sophie’s massage, we went outside into the garden to create some headshots. When Sam was chatting to Sophie about her business, she kept mentioning green, eco, and sustainable, so I knew pictures in the garden using the trees would be great for her brand.

If you fancy a relaxing massage, then make sure you check out Aromatherapy by Samantha.

If you are looking for some natural, relaxed photographs, then give me a shout

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