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Huddersfield brand photography - Gate Nine

Brand photos for Gate Nine printers

My next business for my Honley project was for Gate Nine, print, graphic design and sign makers. I headed down to see Ben in his premises, and I realised that the room was full of impressive machinery.

Tell the story

I knew Ben didn’t have long, so I knew that I had about twenty minutes to tell the story of the business. So, where do I start? After a few seconds of scouting around the venue, I realised I needed to utilise the backdrops with many colours. I could see that Ben was a little apprehensive about the shoot, so I had to start with baby steps, and I knew that getting him to use machines was the first step.

Lots of chatting

When I have someone who is a little bit introverted, I chat and listen to learn more about them. Once I do this, it helps to build a rapport with the client. It was fascinating to learn more about Bens’s business, which also helped with the shoot.

Capture the whole story

I knew I wanted to capture pictures of Ben, but I also wanted to show his machines in action. I was fascinated to see one machine create some Star Wars coasters from start to finish within ten minutes, and it was good to capture that process. He does many signs, so a quick portrait of him with his signs was quite significant.

Be quick and know when to stop.

Reading body language is vital in my job, and I knew that Ben had had enough after twenty minutes. I knew I had everything I needed for Gate Nine’s business listing, so it was time to leave.

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