Business brand photography for The Care Collection, Honley

Brand photography, Honley, Care Collection

The Care Collection

I had a quick photoshoot with The Care Collection in Honley, West Yorkshire, a short while ago. The Care Collection is bespoke, high-quality care. 

The brief

The brief was as such: business portraits, candid pictures of staff working, group photos and documentary photography of how the team looks after a client in their own home. 

Start somewhere

As usual, I walked in, and everyone (but one) hated their picture being taken, so I had to start somewhere. Doing the individual headshots first would allow me to spend a couple of minutes with each person and make them more comfortable. For this, I found a white wall and window light to create professional results quickly. After a few minutes, they were done, and the worst part was out of the way for everyone.

Candid pictures in the office

Every time I photograph candid pictures in an office, people hide. They suddenly think their email inbox is the most essential thing in the world. For the ones who don’t hide behind their monitor, they fake using a telephone. I’ve done this a long time, so I usually come up with scenarios that don’t look too fake and feel uncomfortable.

Group pictures

If you have a group of people who don’t like their picture taken, then how do you get a group photo? I have always gone for the strategy of FUN. I quickly spotted a sofa, so we moved that over and tried to reconstruct the picture from Friends. As a side note, I have never seen Friends, but everyone always seems to get the concept.

Documentary photography fun

Once we had finished in the office, I headed over to one of their clients (not really, it was one of the staff’s grandma’s) to capture how The Care Collection works. We just reenacted many different scenes, everything from knitting, doing jigsaws, making beds, chatting outside, helping with washing, and many others. My job was to capture how The Care Collection can work individually with their clients to help them do all of the little jobs or have a friend to talk to.

The shoot was great; we had a good laugh and got up to lots of mischief.

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