Chevin Country Park Hotel, Leeds, West Yorkshire

Otley Chevin Country Park Hotel wedding photography

Wedding photography for Amy and Tom at Otley Chevin Country Park Hotel, Leeds

I headed to the Otley Chevin Country Park Hotel in Leeds, West Yorkshire, to photograph Amy and Tom’s BIG day. I headed to the park’s largest lodge to meet up with Amy. I always like to stop and feel what the day will be, and after meeting with the girls, I knew it would be a fab day. I have been photographing weddings for the last seventeen years, and this was the first time the bride’s mother flashed me as soon as she walked into the room. Signs were looking good for the day.


I always describe a wedding day as a story with two sides. The girls were chaotic, with loads going on, hair, makeup, babies and just general craziness. On the other hand, the boys were watching TV; one lad was flipping a bottle and sitting on a table; no music was just calm. It was easy to see that the bride’s family were a little bit louder than Tom’s family, which is something that I always have to bear in mind when storytelling.

Wedding day

The day was fabulous, the ceremony was short and sweet, but I could see by looking at both bride and groom that they were perfect for each other. Tom was very nervous before the ceremony, and I enjoyed capturing his nerves. 

After the ceremony, everyone mingled outside, which was unusual for a day in late October. The day had a lovely feel, everyone laughed and chatted, and I captured these moments. We quickly reviewed the group’s formal pictures and had fun doing them. I took the bride and groom off for five minutes for some quiet time, and we were blessed with excellent Autumnal colours in the trees.


There was a lovely intimate feel to the wedding day as there were just over forty guests, which was perfect. The speeches were fabulous and from the heart, which is the way to go. The room had a lovely atmosphere, and I was treated as family. 


There was a different buzz in the evening as another sixty guests arrived. I was delighted to see a hog roast come as I love them (obviously, it’s not about me), but I will never say no to a hog roast sandwich. For the rest of the evening, the DJ played some tunes, and everyone threw their best moves on the dancefloor. Standouts for dancing were one particular song where lots of thrusting took part. But my ultimate favourite was “Proud Mary”. Proud Mary is always a favourite, but it’s the first time I have seen the bride’s mother run around the room making a Tina Turner impression. 

The day was fantastic.  

Congratulations to Amy and Tom for choosing me to photograph your wedding.

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