Christmas 22, family photography

Family photography, Leeds

This year I had my kids for their Christmas on Boxing Day. Christmas is a funny time of year for me as I don’t live with my kids. As long as I can have one day when I can have my kids, open presents and eat lovely food, I am happy, it doesn’t have to be Christmas Day, but it’s our little Christmas. This year we headed to my mum’s house in Leeds for a few days, which was lovely.

Busman’s holiday

I will be the first to admit that I don’t take enough pictures of my kids, so I made sure I took a few pictures on Christmas Day. I always love to capture reactions, and it’s great to look back at natural and honest photos of my kids opening their pressies. I know Christmas isn’t just about Christmas presents; it makes fabulous pictures.

Natural photos

As a parent, I always ask what pictures I want to see. I love candid photos, not posed, just captured. These are my memories; these are the pictures I want to remember in years to come, so this is what I create

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