About John

I’m a Yorkshire based photographer who captures people and businesses as they really are.

I like to describe myself as a people photographer. The best description that I have ever been given is “commercial but not” that describes my approach. I think outside the box and will capture the essence of your business.


John Steel Photography loves to tell the story of your business and does this through the use of imagery.
“I take pictures of people”.
I am really passionate about what I do and the images I create, so I really enjoy working with family run businesses, which have similar passions about what they do.
I like to go in to a business or meet the individual and find out about them, not what they tell other people, but who they really are and tell their story.
​The best pictures are often created when they are captured and not set up. I’m very creative and the best pictures come after I’ve had time to understand and observe what is happening.