Personal brand portraits

People buy from people……

Personal brand photoshoots, business portraits, headshots or environmental portraits; John Steel Photography does them all. A personal brand session produces a collection of images that you can use in different ways.  Most sessions are done using natural light and the world’s biggest studio (the great outdoors) and the session usually lasts between one hour and one and a half hours, depending on the package you choose.

Business portraits are about people.
I understand business people need good imagery of themselves and my job is to capture who they are.  Sometimes my task is to tell the story about who that person is as an individual, or who they are in a working environment.
It’s all about capturing who you really are.  Sometimes people hide behind a front and wear a disguise, but I like to get behind that.  It only takes me a couple of minutes to break down the bravado and find out who the true person is.
My job is to help you relax and reveal your true self, mostly while having a laugh.
When I am doing a business portrait session I’m trying to get something for Linkedin and Twitter etc., and I’m thinking whether they can also be used for a PR double-page spread piece, so not just head and shoulder shots but instead encompassing the background and environment.
It’s not just a one-off image; John Steel Photography creates a range of images for you to use.  It can take up to an hour, where we’ll use the natural environment.

How much?
Personal brand portrait sessions start from £150 for a mini session, I do have a few different packages and options so please get in touch with me for more information

What do you get?
Every personal brand photo session is unique so this may differ.  I usually go through the images, choose a small handful of the best ones from each scene and then upload these to a rough gallery.  You then get the opportunity to choose your favourite pictures for me to edit.  I will then take time to tidy up these images and upload them to a password protected gallery where you can download and use them for all of your marketing. If this is something I can help you with then please do get in touch