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How far ahead do I have to schedule?

3 – 4 weeks is usually adequate notice for most commercial jobs however the earlier the better and the more chance I’m going to be available. It all depends what the shoot is for.  If it’s a business portrait happening on a beautiful day at sunset it would be quite a spontaneous shoot as we would be reliant on the weather.


In simple terms the creator of the image holds the copyright.  How I work is I provide you the high-resolution images and you can use them how you like and as many times as you like.  The only thing that you are not permitted to do is sell them.

What can I do to make the shoot successful?

Just a little bit of planning.  Think about the end usage for the images.  Where are the pictures to be used? Do they have to be landscape, portrait, panoramic or square? Are they for use on your website or are they for printed marketing materials.  What pictures do I really need?  I will ask these questions prior to the shoot but it’s always good to think about the end goal.

How many photographs will I receive?

Every shoot is unique and I treat it that way.  However, for a full day commercial/corporate shoot it’s usually around about 50, business portrait 20 and exhibition over 200.  Some clients want me to photograph a whole business whilst other clients hire me to take 1 specific picture.  I’m happy to discuss this in the planning stage.

How long will the shoot take? 

This again is unique to every shoot.  I only do half day’s and full days’ photography.  If you hire me for a full day and the shoot only takes half a day, then that’s all I will charge you for.  Business portrait sessions are a little different and take between 1 to 2 hours.

Do I need to be there when the images are being taken?

It’s always good to have a contact to show me around.  If it’s documentary style shoot where I’m just capturing people in the work place, then it’s best if you leave me to it and just let me tell the story.  However, if it’s a shoot where there’s lots of people and equipment that needs setting up then someone needs to be there with me.

Do I have to pay in advance?

No, I’ll do the shoot and then invoice you.