DIY wedding in North Newbald, York

Teepee wedding in North Newbald York

Rebecca and Vincent’s DIY teepee wedding

Back in May 22, I photographed Rebecca and Vincent’s fantastic wedding in North Newbald, York. I was excited because, number one, I love teepee and DIY weddings. Number two, Rebecca is the sister of Adam, whose wedding I also shot (still in my to-be-blogged pile), so I knew it would be full of amazing people who would trust me to do my thing.

Bridal prep

I headed over to a little farm cottage to see the girls. Rebecca was very excited, and it was also great to catch up with Nikki (as mentioned, still in the blogging pile). Lots were going on, including one of the flower girls amazing everyone with her magic. Every wedding is unique, and I love capturing the day. Rebecca was very keen for me to document Vincent, the groom and the guests arriving at their local pub.

International affair

Rebecca and Vincent live international lives, which was evident when I met the guests. Everyone was lovely, but my Yorkshire French is not my greatest asset. I was fascinated to watch how everyone reacted. There was a pleasant atmosphere in the air, which was great to capture. I did, however, feel for Adam, who seemed to have the world’s most extended jobs list, but he got through it like a trooper.

Getting my steps in

I always say that DIY weddings are my favourites; they are unique. The setting for Rebecca and Vincents was in her parent’s garden, which is stunning. One thing about these weddings is that you do get your steps in. I think I walked from the pub to the house to the church about five times; it was such a lovely setting.


I have mentioned it loads of times, but capturing magical moments is my favourite part of being a wedding photographer. There was a beautiful moment when her dad saw her in her dress, and I had the pleasure of capturing the tears. Well done, dad, for letting your emotions go.

Church ceremony

In the middle of North Newbald is the beautiful St Nicholas church, where the ceremony was held. This wedding was the kind you see in films, everything was perfect. The vicar was lovely, and he even let me position myself at the front of the ceremony, which is always a bonus. Such an ideal position could enable me to capture those little moments of magic. It was easy to see how in love Rebecca and Vincent were, and those little glances gave this away.

After the ceremony, we headed out for an ace confetti procession. It’s great when there is loads of confetti, and the bride and groom get covered.

Garden party

After the church, everyone walked up through the village and headed to the garden where the teepees were situated. It was just the perfect day; the lawn had drinks and canapes. A saxophonist was playing some tunes, kids were playing games, and everyone was laughing and smiling. It was the perfect wedding for a documentary wedding photographer like me.

We whizzed through the group shots in an area at the bottom of the garden, which was perfect, and then it was back to everyone enjoying the day.

Teepee time

I love teepees (most photographers don’t). Everyone had some buffet food, and it was time for the speeches. As I mentioned, this was an international affair, and I was very impressed that some speeches were done in English and French. I loved capturing reactions during this time; there was plenty on display here, lots of emotions, and a documentary wedding photographer’s dream once again.

Dance the night away.

In the evening, a band headed onto the dancefloor and banged out some tunes. I was thrilled with loads of good dancing and drunk people to capture. I spent the rest of the night just capturing photos of people throwing shapes and having the best night of their lives.

The whole day was fantastic, thank you for asking me to photograph your wedding.

Congratulations, Rebecca & Vincent

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