Honley Business Listing photo shoots

Everything you need to know.

Congratulations on joining the Honley website. It’s a brilliant platform and a fabulous marketing tool; here’s how it works.

Get in touch via email john@johnsteelphotography.com, phone, text message or WhatsApp. My number is 07951 726212, and then we can arrange a time for the shoot. I am available most weekdays around school times.

The photoshoot

Every shoot is different and is about YOUR business. I want to tell the story of your business with a specific focus on people. After all, people buy from people. I will try my best to create fabulous and creative pictures.

How long?

You have a maximum of an hour of my time; this is usually loads of time to create everything we need and more. Some people only want me to be there for five minutes but remember this is a brilliant opportunity to get some pictures for your marketing. I am only doing this once; my time is precious, so please make sure we have got everything before I leave.

The best results

The best business listings are when you think about how your business wants to be portrayed. I am a creative, so I have loads of ideas. However, you know your business better than me. Think carefully about what you want to show. A picture standing next to a roll banner will never be interesting. 

How many pictures do I need?

For a typical business listing, I only require 8 or 9 pictures. However, I always want to provide more. The more time I have, the more effort you put in, and the more pictures you receive. I need a good variety to make your listing stand out.

What happens after the shoot?

After the photo shoot, I come back and edit the pictures. I then select the images used on the layout for the business listing. Once I have created this, I will send it to Social Progress, and your listing will go live.

Can I buy the pictures?

Yes, you can buy the pictures I shoot for the bargain price of £25. This money goes to Honley Business Association. All you have to do is let me know if you want to buy them. I will send the pictures in a gallery with a watermark on them, and once the invoice has been paid, I will remove the watermark so you can download them and use them for your marketing.

Just get in touch with me, and we’ll arrange a shoot.

Thank you