Kirklees Annual Charity Christmas Lunch 22

KACCL 22 - John Steel Photography


Last Thursday was the Kirklees Annual Charity Christmas Lunch held at Cedar Court, Huddersfield. This event does a fantastic job raising money for charity and has raised over one hundred thousand pounds in the last few years. 

Event Photography

This was my third year photographing KACCL. When I photograph an event, I love to capture the people and take natural pictures of people smiling and enjoying themselves. I photograph everything on stage as well, but it’s mainly people photography, and that’s what I do best.

The Public Relations picture

Every year I have shot this event, I have always had to do one picture, which is for PR purposes. It’s the same every year, and I question why I take it every year. If it were my choice, I would never take this picture as it’s what every other photographer would take. The image in question is the committee members around some big letters saying KACCL. But it’s what the customer wants, so I have to behave.

Capturing people

It amazes me how quickly the room fills with people. Every year, I wait, poised to capture guests. I see the first ten people arrive, and I don’t want to scare them off, so I always wait for more people to turn up before snapping away. I turned around, and within seconds the room had filled up. I then make my best ninja impression and work the room watching people, and if I see a laugh or a smile, I capture a picture.

The event

For this year’s event, the chosen charities were SmartMove from Calderdale and the Young Company, which is part of Lawrence Batley Theatre in Huddersfield. Once again, it was hosted by the brilliant and hilarious Pete Emmett, who always creates a fabulous atmosphere.

My highlight is always the game “Oss or Gloss”, which is Pete’s take on the game “heads or tails”, but it always creates a buzz and a brilliant opportunity to capture some fun and embarrassing pictures.


This year there was a new addition. The Huddersfield Circle of Magicians entertained the guests while service was taking place. I like to photograph magicians, and I always concentrate on capturing the audience’s reaction, but it was a great addition to the event.

Leaving early

This year, I had to leave early as I had to do the school run. It broke my heart that I couldn’t photograph the event, and I was devastated not to be able to create magical memories of the Orange Box choir, but unfortunately, I had to leave. This was arranged when I agreed to do the event, but as a father of two, I have to ensure I am there for the kids.

Passing the torch

Over the years, I have done a lot of charity, and it’s time to pass the baton to someone else. I have enjoyed photographing KACCL, but it’s time for new blood. 

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