Leeds, wedding photography for Kathryn and David

Wedding photography, St Mary’s Church Community Centre, Whitkirk

I photographed Kathryn and David’s wedding at St Mary’s Church Community Centre in Leeds a few months ago. I was excited to meet up with Kathryn and David again. They got married during Covid, which was an experience, and we had a fabulous time – check out their wedding here.

Old Skool

I arrived at St Mary’s Church Community Centre in Whitkirk, Leeds, and it had a lovely old skool vibe. The community centre had a nice feeling, with kids running around everywhere, games, and loads of people chatting and laughing. It just felt great. I go to loads of fancy venues photographing the best weddings. Still, there is something in me and my working-class routes, which love simplicity and family.

Start with the groups.

This wedding was only a night, so I knew time was critical. Kathryn and David are some of the nicest people you could ever meet. They are family orientated, so I knew the group shots were important. I headed outside and found a great place o shoot the pictures. Typically the second we started the images, it started to rain, so we managed to get through the shots in a super quick time.

Hog roast

Anyone who knows me knows I always advise that the best way to feed people at a wedding is to hog roast. Wow, I had the best hog roast ever at this wedding, and it was from Setchfield Butchers David; the groom told me to “fill my boots”, and I did! There was just something about the atmosphere at this event; it just reminded me of my childhood.


After everyone had stuffed their faces with hog roasts and fruit crumble, which again was gorgeous, it was time for the evening to start. Kathryn and David had a quick first dance. Kids played on the dance floor, doing handstands and sliding on their knees. The kids played “what time is it, Mr Wolf” outside and ran around.

Lots of people danced and generally had a fabulous time. Before I headed out, everyone circled the bride and groom, and it was a great end to a lovely evening.

I am so glad I had the opportunity to complete Kathryn and Davids’s wedding.

Thank you for letting me photograph your wedding; it was a brilliant few hours, and I hope you LOVE the pictures.

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