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Last week I was given a fabulous opportunity to do some personal brand photography for the lovely people at Perfect People in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. Networking is very important for business owners and it’s something that I’ve always been a little slack about. Just before lockdown occurred back in March I attended my first Perfect People networking event. Throughout the whole of lockdown, I have been taking part in weekly Zoom meetings with the prestige members at Perfect People. It’s been a fabulous support group in times of such uncertainty.

Having done lots of networking throughout my career, it’s still one of those things that I’m not great at. in fact going to a room and standing looking for someone to chat to and pass business cards is my idea of hell! So, I know I need to be in-network groups where I can build relationships. I also know that my best kind of marketing is when people see me work and see the final results, so we decided to set up a little photography day where some of the members would attend and have lots of pictures taken by me.

Photography day

We decided that we would set up a four hour session to meet with members and to also have their pictures taken. With the current craziness at the moment we could have no more than six people at a time so we had to have the day a little staggered. The day took place at the Perfect People head quarters in Huddersfield, when I went for my recce, I realised it wasn’t perfect so I would have to be creative to come up with some good results.

When I get involved in a project like this I always want to give everyone a lot of bang for their buck and I want to create pictures that they will use. I don’t want to create the same pictures for everyone so I took notes about the type of photos people wanted/needed for their websites, social media, print etc. Some people took it easy on me and wanted just a couple of head shots, other people wanted something a little more involved including capturing PowerPoint presentations, speaking to audiences, running workshops etc.

The day was a big success, we all met, had nice chats. I didn’t stop and was pretty exhausted afterwards but we created some fab pictures for everyone so all in all it was brilliant, there are a few tweaks I will make for the next one so please stay tuned.

A massive thanks to everyone who attended – Victoria from Perfect People, Ross from Square Morph, Chris from Combined Minds, Ian from Jigsaw Print, Ann from Forever Living, Jules from Purple Violet and Richard from Thoughtful Planning.

Here’s a few of the pictures from the day

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