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Ali from Purple Pebble People personal brand photography

I met with my good friend Ali from Purple Pebble People a while ago to have a little personal brand shoot in Honley, Holmfirth. I have photographed Ali loads of times, so there’s never any weird awkwardness of getting to know each other, meet up, chat, and shoot.


When I first received Ali’s email, there was talk about outdoors, woods, rivers, waterfalls, and coffee shops. I can cater for all of the above, and I did have a plan for everything, but then Ali realised that the weather wouldn’t be brilliant and didn’t have much time available, so we just went for Plan B and had the personal brand shoot in a coffee shop. Fortunately, in Honley, my good friends Oliver and Katie have the wonderful Wired, Coffee and Cake, and I knew they would be happy to let us do a shoot there.

One hour and done

I knew that time was pretty tight, and I never know how long a personal brand photoshoot will take, but we are all busy people, so it’s essential to make the most of the time we have available. Ali had to do the school run, so I arranged to meet her then. The weather in Honley, Holmfirth, wasn’t doing us any favours, but Ali knows we can always create something fab. Whilst waiting for Oliver and Katie, I took the opportunity to capture a few fun pictures of her in the street. I like to give a good variety when doing brand photography.

Make it fun

I pride myself on making a photoshoot fun! Not weird, posey fun but genuine fun! That way, I get great natural reactions from my client. I had to keep Ali on track as Katie and Ali had a proper good chinwag, and I knew we had to create some fab personal brand portraits. Don’t get me wrong; we had a good mixture of chatting and laughing and the photoshoot.

Wardrobe changes

Ali is a veteran working on personal brand photoshoots with me, and she knows how to get the most from it. One way is to bring some changes of clothes. It just keeps the shoot fresh and gives you loads of variety. So, Ali had three costume changes in an hour, which is pretty good for anyone. It didn’t beat the record of seven, but three was undoubtedly a good number, especially as the shoot took place in one location.

Know how you are using the images.

Once again, I know how Ali uses these images. They are mainly used for social media, so having fun and engaging images is necessary. Also, knowing how the photos will be used helps me shoot, as I know some pictures need space to the left or right to add text.


The shoot was a brilliant way to get me started into the New Year; it’s always great to photograph someone I have photographed many times before. We got some fab pictures, and I’m looking forward to our next one.

Make sure you check out what Ali does

A massive thank you to my friends Oliver and Katie at Wired Coffee and Cake in Honley, Holmfirth

If you are looking for a fabulous personal brand photographer who can make you relaxed, then please get in touch with me

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