Personal brand shoot for Helen Straw

The Personnel Partnership, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire

A few week’s ago the fabulous Helen Straw from The Personnel Partnership based in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire got in touch with me as she wanted some new personal brand pictures to celebrate twenty years in business.

It was great to meet up with Helen again, just before lockdown part Deux (I’m not french) I first met Helen at a Brighouse networking group many years ago, I have photographed her a few times in a business capacity and also done a family shoot for her. Did you know I did family shoots? I do forget to tell folk.

Twenty years in business

The driver for the photo shoot was to celebrate The Personnel Partnership being twenty years in business which is a fabulous feat. I was shocked to hear that the last time Helen had some pictures done by me was four years ago (time really does fly) the last time I made her climb over a fence and stand in a field.


Helen’s office is based at The Heritage Exchange in Lindley, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire so it made sense to meet up there and do the shoot. Due to a global pandemic I wasn’t able to go inside of the office so we decided to do the shoot outside.

My most creative

I’ve said it many times but I’m at my most creative when I’m in an unfamiliar location. So, just before the shoot started I had a quick recce (3 minutes) and then I had a game plan. I knew I would be spoiled for choice as The Heritage Exchange is an old mill building so lots of textured and interesting places to shoot.


The first few minutes of a shoot is usually about building a rapport with my client, but as I already knew Helen it was straight into it. Helen was fab a true professional and I could have shot so many different locations in the mill. It was pretty chilly though so I was aware that Helen might get a little cold. Also, my brief was to capture some Autumnal pictures of Helen.

Quick outfit change and a little wander

So, a quick outfit change and we were off again. Helen sometimes at dinner time heads down the road to a little park so that was our location. Even whilst walking, I’m always chatting (or listening) and making sure the whole shoot is fun. Autumn is always a funny one, there is a couple of weeks where the scene is absolutely amazing with fantastic colours and leaves still on the trees. Unfortunately though this was the back end of Autumn and most of the leaves had fallen. However, with a little bit of creativity and knowhow I can make it look fab (who’d know) well, I’ve just told you.

Know when to quit

We had loads of pictures, certainly enough to give Helen lots of choices and content. It was cold and I could tell that it was time to leave. On our way back I arrived at The Heritage Exchange and saw the lovely archway. I knew that a shot with that would be perfect for Helen’s PR so a quick shot and then it was done.

I love photographing sessions like this, having a chat, creating fab images for real quality businesses. If you would like the same experience then please just give me a shout

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