Personal brand shoot in Ilkely

Brand photography Ilkley, West Yorkshire

Brand photography with Pete Evans from Ventas

A couple of weeks ago, I headed over to the stunning town of Ilkley to photograph Pete Evans from Ventas-sales. I knew the shoot would be relatively fast-paced as Pete is one of those who never stays still.

Stunning location

When I arrived at the location, I realised the house was stunning. I knew that I wouldn’t have trouble finding somewhere to photograph. However, Pete is all about the outdoors and has a passion for running, so I knew it would be great to get outside and shoot.

Middle of the day

It was the nicest day of the year so far. Middle of the daylight isn’t the most friendly for a photographer to work their magic in, but I know Pete is very busy, so I have to work in this light. 

Not hanging around

Pete was relaxed after a few minutes, so I knew I wouldn’t have problems capturing the natural person. Outdoor photoshoots are always much more relaxed than inside, and we had fantastic scenery. I knew that I only had a small handful of captures in each area I chose for pictures before Pete moved on. I know I must adapt to ensure my clients are happy, and I wanted him to stay interested.

Seeking shelter

After about twenty minutes outside, we were pretty warm. I have ginger skin, so the sun isn’t my best friend. We headed inside to the kitchen, and I saw a long table. I could make the kitchen look like a boardroom with a little decluttering. I used the fridge as a backdrop and wallpaper to create interesting portraits. 

One hour and done

After an hour, we were done. Pete had a meeting to attend, and I had another shoot. One important factor about brand shoots is knowing when enough is enough. Never make a shoot drag on for longer than it needs to.

I will reshoot Pete soon, so it was great to finish this one.

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