Personal brand shoot in Leeds for a DJ

Photoshoot for Andy Napster Nappey, Leeds, West Yorkshire

I headed to Leeds, West Yorkshire, a while ago to photograph the great techno DJ Andy Napster Nappey. I love photographing someone a little different, and I don’t think I have ever photographed a DJ. I met Andy twenty minutes before he had to go on air at the fabulous LDC Radio in Leeds.

My first time in a radio studio

I had never photographed in a radio studio and didn’t know what to expect. It was a little surreal that the home of LDC Radio is Becketts Park campus, where I did my sports degree. We headed to the basement, where I saw a small dark studio where all the magic happens.


I have photographed Andy’s partner Julia before, and I knew how nervous she was, so I was expecting the same from Andy. I wasn’t wrong, he did show some nerves, but after a few minutes, he relaxed a bit. Before the shoot, I planned to capture a few pictures of Andy and then capture him in action while doing his show because I knew he would be more relaxed in his own environment.

There’s dark, and then there’s dark.

I knew the studio would be dark but didn’t know it would be as dark as it was. Before the show started, I set a few lights up to capture Andy in action. I watched Andy mix tracks for the next hour and work his magic. The mixing decks could have been in a better-placed position for photography, but as it was a live show, I had to behave and not try to rearrange them.

Special guests

During Andy’s show, he had some special guests come into the studio, who were the Groove Technicians. I know little about techno music, but it was an exciting time. Photographing Andy in a challenging environment was great, but we got some great shots.

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