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Thirty seconds plus fifteen years of experience.

I recently went on the On Brand podcast with personal branding expert Deborah Ogden. I’ve been trying to do things out of my comfort zone so a little time ago I put my big boy pants on and went on a podcast with Deborah Ogden who is a personal brand expert.

I’ve known Deborah for quite some time and she has always known that I’m the go-to person for natural, personal brand photoshoots in West Yorkshire. The podcast was mainly for Deborah Ogden’s membership group The Impact Group but it was great to chat about all things personal branding and what makes a great picture.

After the podcast I wanted to capture a quick picture of Deborah, Deborah is about as comfortable having her picture taken as I am at talking on podcasts but I sweet talked her into allowing me to shoot a couple of frames.

I do LOVE checking out how people use their pictures so I was excited to see the lovely comments on Deborah’s Instagram profile.

So how long does it take a picture? Well, this one took me about thirty seconds but having fifteen years of experience certainly helped.

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