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Wakefield portrait photography

Two minutes photoshoot

My good friend, mentor, business coach, life coach and pretty much everything else you can name Gareth Boot asked me to take a couple of pictures for him.

I see Gareth weekly at his home, my house or via Zoom for a meeting. After our last meeting, Gareth asked if I could take him a quick portrait.

Quick means quick

After putting the world to rest and chatting about my business, I just asked Gareth to sit on his sofa in his office, and I grabbed a camera and took a few frames.

The process

Gareth asked if I could bring my camera; I just brought one lens, my nifty fifty, which I hardly use. The lighting in his office could be better for photography as it spotlights, which are harsh downlights that aren’t the best for a portrait.

Plan B

I had created some pictures, but I thought I needed to bounce the light into Gareth’s face, so I just used a reflector to bounce light into his face to even up the lighting. The results were OK, but I knew we could do better. I looked around the office and saw that Gareth had a ring light which he uses for his videos.

Plan C

I then held the ring light in my hand to light Gareth’s face, and he held the reflector to bounce the light. Granted, these pictures aren’t my best work, but they are OK for a quick two minutes photoshoot.  

Done is better than perfect.

I knew exactly what the picture would be used for, and I knew that we had produced the results we needed in the two minutes. Is this my best work? The photos are undoubtedly professional and suitable for what Gareth required.

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