Leah and Steve’s wedding

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Wow! What can I say about Leah (who for the duration of the blog post will be called Brian) and Steve’s wedding.  Before I start, if you’re looking for traditional wedding pictures of people stood in a line I’d look away now.

The brief for Brian and Steve’s wedding was a relaxed DIY wedding/beer festival (Steve’s home brew) which was to be held at the stunning Burnsall Village Hall.  Perfect!  I LOVE DIY weddings.

I headed over to see Brian and team bride in the morning. The mood was excitable yet calm whilst the girls applied their own makeup which makes a nice change.  Brian didn’t want too many pictures, so I headed over to see Steve at Burnsall Village Hall.

When I arrived, it was like a scene from “Don’t tell the bride” Steve and team groom had been creating their masterpiece of a floral arch which looked fab, but it was all a bit last minute.  The hall looked amazing and doing it yourself makes it so much more special.  Eventually the guests started to arrive and there was a fine array of beards, moustaches, bowties (that’s just the girls……joking) the girls all looked stunning in colourful Summer dresses.  I knew that this was going to be an ACE day!

I waited and waited for the bride to arrive in Steve’s baby (VW T5 driven by Brian’s brother) (fortunately there were no registrars) Just before my bum went completely numb (sat on a little rock) the VW appeared on the horizon with dad with a glass of bubbly in the front seat.  Leah (whoops Brian) looked stunning and ready to rock.

Brian and Steve had decided to have a blessing and hand binding ceremony conducted by Steve’s friend who was a bit of a nutter, the ceremony was hilarious and a little bit risqué in parts which made the wedding even more unique.  After the ceremony everyone headed outside to the field just down the road where people laughed, smiled, chased chickens (amazing!) played outdoor darts, croquet and drank.

Steve and the lads ran into the hall and set everything up for the meal, Steve had carved his own platters and made tables out of cable reels.  The table names were all games so classic games like Hungry Hippos, Cluedo and operation (who can ever get that horse out) all graced the tables.

Everyone went inside and ate ham and cheese (sorry I can’t think of the posh name) whilst listening to a fabulous string quartet.  Then it was time for the speeches, oh my word!  The best men’s speech was the funniest I had ever seen.  I can’t put it into words, but they’d made a video earlier in the year and it involved Batman chasing a giant bear around the Burnsall Village.  Batman and the bear even made an appearance in Benny Hill style.

In the evening they had a fab band, and everyone got down and threw shapes including the star of the dancefloor Brian’s 84 or 85-year-old gran who danced the night away waving her walking stick. This was a fantastic wedding, please check out some of the pictures from the day, make sure you view the slideshow.

If you know anyone having fun weddings, please send them my details.

Congratulations Brian and Steve

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