Lego wedding that went a bit wrong

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Lego wedding that went a bit wrong

So, being in lockdown as a wedding photographer is a little strange. We are now in peak wedding season, so by now I would have photographed lots of weddings and spending most of my time sat in front of a computer screen editing them. However, with COVID-19 things have changed and we have to stay safe. I've been spending most of the working week looking after my kids which is great fun but I am missing weddings. So, I decided that I would set up our own little wedding using Lego people. The reason as to why I did this was mainly as a little project to get the kids involved with. I thought we could take a wedding day step by step and break it down and create pictures. I also thought that it would be a great little art project for the kids, in my mind I thought we could build cardboard arches, paint them, put flowers from the garden on them. Get creative with funky lighting and generally get excited and have fun with this.. I also thought that the kids could give me their insight into editing and we could create a slideshow together.  Whoops, what I didn't prepare for is that 4 and 8-year-olds don't have the same attention span that I do so it all ended a bit quick and my grand ideas had to be scaled down massively.

Bridal  prep

Most of my weddings start with the bridal prep and this was when my kids were excited!  My eldest daughter spent time finding a location and even prepared the hairdresser putting bows in the bride's hair (we didn't have a brides dress so it was a casual wedding). Whilst my youngest was determined to find a mirror for the bride and we plumped for a mermaids mirror. Things started off very positive and I had a good feeling about it. 

Meet the boys

This is always a funny one but when do you meet the boys? Most of the time I meet up with them at the pub or the venue but with this shoot, it was a little different. The location of the bride and groom was very near each other so I could actually capture both the bridal prep and see the lads. I've shot lots of weddings in my time but this is the first time I had photographed a groom with a ceremonial pumpkin on his head, it was very surreal. After the pumpkin it was time for the chaps to get into their cars, they'd splashed out a bit and gone for some fancy rides. Whereas the girls went for a bit more of a classy approach. The bride had hired a white horse and the rest of team bride hung out in a beach camper van.

The ceremony

By now the kids were losing it a little and I could tell we needed to be quick. We decided to hold the ceremony outside as it was a beautiful day. We set up all the guests and it was then time for a ceremony. By this time my youngest was nagging me to get her balance bike out and to go on the trampoline so we had to have a little break. The ceremony went well with no hitches so I was happy with that, finally (I had to cut the day short) it was time for the confetti.


Just as a normal wedding I got all the guests lined up, also like a normal wedding it took quite some time. I brought some bubbles out as my kids love blowing bubbles so thought this would be the best way to keep them occupied and into it, however, the wind wasn't playing ball the bubbles that we managed to actually get near the guests looked like massive asteroids coming down on them. So, it was plan B time for some confetti, (I'd pretty much lost the girls by now) so a few sheets of tissue paper ripped up and thrown into the air didn't really work as once again the wind had plans. Then it was over, my kid's attention span had come to a halt, so what could have been great turned out a bit naff.  All the same, it was good fun and it kept my kids amused for an hour and I got to experience a quick wedding.


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