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Sophie and Adam’s wedding was one of those days where I never knew what was going to happen next.  Most weddings I start the day early with bridal preparations, this was a little different.  I was in Leeds City Centre at 9am waiting to board a coach.  The ceremony was held at The Little Theatre in Escick, York.  More on that later. 

I met up with Adam (the groom) and the guests and started to get to know folk, I also took a few pictures.  Adam seemed to be enjoying the glorious sunny weather and was happy as a pig in mud flying around Leeds in his convertible Golf GTI (old school version).  I was plotting to get to the front of the coach as I’ve got a track record of being travel sick, but it worked out well no accidents.

We arrived in the beautiful village of Escrick, York.  Wow, what a place, it’s a hidden gem such a wonderful place.  It always seems strange to have 11am ceremonies but it was time to rock!  Adam and the guests all took their places in the most amazing venue The Little Theatre which is a unique little theatre (clues in the title).  I awaited the bride’s arrival.  Wow!  Sophie (the bride) looked stunning in her bespoke, personally designed dress. I love seeing unique dresses and this was certainly that, it was amazing!  The guests, groom, bride all arrived on time so now we were only waiting for their dog (Millie) who was fashionably late.

The ceremony went without a hitch, Mills (the lickiest dog in the world) did a great job being the ring bearer managed to lick the bride and groom in the process.  After the ceremony we all headed outside to see Coffee Bob, he comes in his smart car and makes brews.  Some guests had also brought a few cakes and fancies, so it was a stop for elevenses.  I took lots of photos, had a quick portrait session with the bride and groom and did a few group pictures.  For the group shot I managed to rope Coffee Bob into it.  It was time to head back to Leeds for the reception.

Weddings are renowned for running notoriously late, however this one was the opposite.  We were early.  When we arrived in Leeds it was too early, and the reception venue wasn’t ready.  Sophie and Adam met in The Adelphi pub, so the whole wedding party headed there for a bit of a drink.  I’m pretty sure the barman got a shock, but they were very accommodating.  After a couple of drinks, it was time to head to the reception venue of Lamberts Yard.  The venue looked fab, it had a bear and skulls theme (like you do). 

Once all the guests had arrived there was a few games of Mr & Mrs which was hilarious.  I would recommend this for other weddings, it’s a great way to get the atmosphere going.  It wasn’t just the bride and groom that did it, other couples also joined in.  There was loads of stuff going on, loads of fancy dress stuff for the kids (and adults) a wigwam, bears to colour in and just general fun.  People were laughing and drinking and generally having an ACE time.  There was also a Mexican theme, so the food was a Mexican buffet which was lovely. 

After the speeches, everyone headed outside for more drinking. It was a beautiful evening. One guest recognised me from my old skateboarding days, so I had to spend the rest of the evening reminiscing about being Smiley John and skateboarding which was a great trip down memory lane.

The evenings entertainment was provided by the fabulous bluegrass band Illbilly 8 (there’s only 5 of them) to hear songs like Crazy, Still Dre and King of the Swingers being played on a banjo, double base and violin all was a little bonkers, but they were great.
The rest of the night, people played beer pong, drank shots, danced and got extremely drunk.

Check out the slideshow to see just a few of the pictures from the day.

Congratulations Sophie and Adam

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