Tithe Barn, Poppleton

Jane and Dan's wedding

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Tithe Barn, Poppleton

I absolutely LOVE weddings and feel so privileged that couples allow me to photograph their special days.  It goes without saying that every wedding is AMAZING, the bride looks stunning the day was emotional, the people were lovely, people got very drunk and went crazy on the dance floor. Instead of writing this on my blog posts as I have done previously I want to now start mentioning the unique things that happened in each particular wedding.

Unique features of the wedding:

First time I've met the bride on the day of the wedding

First bike theme wedding

First surprise rickshaw

First time at Tithe Barn

First time at the Bar Convent

Before I photograph a wedding I usually meet up with the bride and groom in person or if this isn't possible at least we have a Skype call.  I met up with Dan the groom and had a lovely chat to him over a brew. It got to the wedding day and I'd never even met the bride. In, fact I was actually wondering if she existed. On the wedding day, I headed over to bridal preparation and I was pleasantly surprised that Jane existed and was a really great person. In fact, she made me feel right at home. I love bridal preparation as it's a perfect time to get to know team bride. 

Dan and Jane are a very active couple and they love riding their bikes. In fact, Dan went out for a bike ride on the day of the wedding. I've always said that the best weddings are when couples put their personality into a wedding and Jane and Dan certainly did that.  Bike wheels on the walls with flowers in them, a vintage bike outside and, bike favours and loads of other tasteful touches helped to make their wedding special.

When I arrived and met Jane she mentioned to me that she'd arranged a surprise for Dan at the wedding venue. The surprise was a rickshaw which obviously fit the theme. We discussed hiding the rickshaw around the corner so Dan didn't actually see the bike on arrival.  It worked out perfectly. Dan and Jane arrived in a fabulous VW camper van and beat most of the crowd, Jane escorted him around the corner and Dan's face was a picture. He LOVED the surprise, I'm not sure if there were tears but it was certainly close. The rickshaw was great fun and one of my favourite moments of the wedding day was when the bride and groom had a bike race with a rickshaw and vintage bike.

I love DIY weddings and barns so going to a barn that I've never been to is always very exciting for me. Tithe Barn looked absolutely stunning and it's certainly a great place.  The only negative about the venue is that there is an early curfew so that the weddings have to end early but it is a really fantastic venue.

The final unique feature for me at this wedding was being allowed to photograph the ceremony at the Bar Convent. which is an absolutely beautiful location. The ceremony was really lovely, very personal but in absolutely stunning surroundings.

For me, I absolutely LOVED every moment of this wedding, especially finishing up with a fantastic ceilidh.  

Congratulations to Dan and Jane

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