Top tips for wedding fayres

Getting the most from a wedding fayre

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Top tips for wedding fayres

On Sunday I will be exhibiting at The Big Wedding Show at John Smiths Stadium in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire with the fabulous Wedding Fayres Yorkshire.  I know from previous experience that this show can be extremely busy and over 900 tickets have already gone for the event so it’s looking like another packed event.

I thought I would take a little time out to give a few tips (my opinion) to help you plan your visit.

1 – Get used to answering these 2 questions.  When’s your wedding? Where’s your wedding? These are the questions you will be asked by all suppliers.  It’s the equivalent of being a taxi driver and answering, “been busy” and “what time you on till”?  Also, if you want to avoid wasting time just ask if the supplier is booked on the date of your wedding.

2 – What time shall I arrive at the show?  The Big Wedding Show is on from 11 am – 3:30 pm.  I know from previous years that 11 am is just insanely busy.  The event is busy most of the day, but I would try my best to avoid early doors.

I personally would head to the show for 1:30 pm – 2 pm things have calmed down at this point and it gives you an opportunity to speak to the exhibitors.  Don’t leave it too late, although the wedding fayre organisers don’t allow it, some people just pack up early and head off.  I never put anything away until the last person leaves as I think it’s only fair to give everyone the opportunity to speak to me.

3 – Fashion shows.  There are two fashion shows on the day, and these are at 12 pm and 1:30 pm. If you’re looking for that perfect gown, mother of the bride outfit or grooms suits then get yourselves there. A word of warning though, make sure you get in early to grab a seat in a prime location.

Alternatively, if you’re not going to watch the fashion shows it’s a great time to walk around the exhibition hall and find your perfect suppliers.

4 – Who do you bring with you?  Some people bring their mum, husband-to-be or a bridesmaid.  Bring someone with you who will be interested and help advise you.  I’ve been to so many wedding fayres where I’ve read the body language of the fiancé who doesn’t want to be there.  You just want to bring someone who isn’t going to rush you because they’re bored.

5- Make a list before the event of what suppliers you are looking for. It’s very easy at wedding fayres to be sold something that you don’t want.  Makes sure you tick off all the bases like the venue, registrar, dress, photographer, florist before spending all of your money on an impulsive purchase.

6 – Talk to the suppliers.  I’m always amazed that people will come to my stand just grab a flyer and run away. I’m quite a nice bloke too.  You should chat with us, we’re the experts and often we’re happy to share our knowledge. For example, a photographer sees pretty much everything at a wedding and will probably know the best venues, the best cake makers, how you should plan a wedding so please talk to us.

7 – First impressions – I’m a great believer in first impressions.  If the exhibitor is sat down behind a table playing with their phone, it’s probably not going to make the best first impression.  Does the stand look good?  Would I trust this person with my special day?

8 – People buy from people.  I’m a huge believer in this. I only want to work with people who I can get on with and I know I can do an amazing job for.  Take the time at the wedding fayre to have a good conversation with the supplier. You must really feel that you can trust this person with your wedding day.  Do they seem genuine or are they just a salesperson? 

9 – Comfy shoes Wear them.

10 – Take your time and go back for a second look.   With over 80 exhibitors it’s daunting. I’m sure they’ll be at least 10 photographers in the room. Here’s my top tip.  When you arrive have a wander around the venue. Any suppliers that you like the look of grab a flyer and maybe even make a note of them.  After you’ve done this go sit down and have a brew.  Then, check your list and go have a proper conversation with that supplier.

11 – don’t always buy on price.  There’s the old saying you get what you pay for and often that’s the case.  Make sure you research them, don’t just be enticed by an on the day offer.  I’m having a fabulous offer but I’m going to give people a week to check me out to make sure I’m the right person.

12 – Gut-o-meter.  Do you feel something special when you’re looking at the exhibitor's work/product if so buy?

13 – Follow up quickly.  Good suppliers get booked up very quickly if you’ve seen someone that ticks all of the right boxes and you’ve checked them out then don’t waste too long getting in contact.  Alternatively, you could give your details to the supplier and wait for them to follow up.

14 – Don’t feel obligated to buy on the day.  Some people can be very pushy, just say you will have to think about it and leave. If you feel like someone is being pushy then don’t give them your details.

15 – Enjoy your day.  If you go with a list of suppliers you want to meet, have some comfy shoes, some water and some fruit then I’m sure you’ll have a fabulous day.

16 – Book me!  If you’re looking for a fun, friendly photographer then yes, book me.

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