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West Yorkshire award winning wedding photographer

I'm a West Yorkshire award winning wedding photographer.   Actually, have you ever met a photographer that doesn't say they are not award winning? In fact, due to every photographer going on and on about award-winning I usually don't tell anyone about mine and completely play it down. So what exactly does award-winning mean?  In my time I've won loads of awards for ten-pin bowling, football and even skateboarding.  I collected my brick in my pyjamas in swimming and won an award for that. Does that mean I can say I'm award-winning?  I think in some cases that people use anything to just give them that title.

As previously mentioned I really don't care about awards, all I care about is producing amazing storytelling pictures from a couples wedding, pictures that they will LOVE forever. I remember having a couple of conversations with guests at weddings about this very subject. One guest who I was talking to who's actually getting married this year who I was talking to was telling me about a photographer. In the brief chat that I had with her, she told me about an award-winning wedding photographer and must have said the words award winning five times in one sentence.

Another wedding that I photographed last year I was chatting to the bride's sister and she told me that they had chosen an award-winning photographer. They had paid a premium just for the fact that they were award winning. Which made me think, maybe I actually do need to mention about pictures that I have taken that have won awards.


Last year I decided that I will actually enter some of my pictures in awards and I seemed to have quite a bit of success in doing so. I didn't want to just enter any awards. There are loads of awards which are there to just try and increase Facebook following where you have to like and share and comment. My opinion is that these are just there for click bait and I don't get involved with any nonsense like that. Instead, I thought which awards do I actually think are worthy and so I came up with three that I actually believe are valid.

This is Reportage

This is Reportage is an amazing wedding site, which specialises in reportage/storytelling photography. It's also run by a brilliant photographer called Alan Law. Quarterly he has a competition to submit your favourite documentary wedding images. He has over four hundred of the best photographers in the world (in my opinion) who submit pictures for this competition. The judges are also a panel of the best photographers so it's always a great accomplishment to get a picture worthy of a TIR award. I'm fortunate enough to have won two of these awards last year.

Nine Dots

Nine Dots is my photography family. Once again it's comprised of some of the worlds best photographers but it's my little community. Nine Dots is run by three of UK's best photographers and they represent everything that I feel in photography. Once every two months, they hold a competition for the best members pictures. Once again these awards are judged by some pretty prestigious photographers so to get a picture that impresses all of the judges is quite an accomplishment. I was so happy when one of my pictures received a Nine Dots award.


Fearless is probably the creme de la creme of the wedding awards. It's a worldwide organisation and some of the photographers in Fearless are incredible. In fact, winning a Fearless award is the equivalent of a photographic Oscar. I was pleased to say that one of my pictures actually did tick all of the boxes and won such an award. 

As I mentioned I'm not here for awards but just because everyone else mentions them I thought I would actually justify some of the awards I have won.  There are actually loads more but these are what I consider to be the three main ones.

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