Spicer Manor wedding Chloe and John

A few months ago, I headed to my favourite wedding venue, the wonderful Spicer Manor, near Huddersfield and Sheffield, West Yorkshire.

I was looking forward to the day as Chloe and John are some of the nicest people you can meet.

Arrive early

I always allow plenty of time for traffic, so I was so early that I had to jump over the gate (which is the usual practice at Spicer Manor). John, the groom, came out to greet me, and I knew after our chat it would be a fab day.


I always describe my wedding photography as storytelling, and that’s just exactly what I did. Spicer Manor is brilliant because everyone stays there, so I know that anyone I see is a big part of the wedding. 

I spent the morning capturing bridal prep, kids playing, the groom playing table tennis, getting invited to some little ones’ picnic, photographing details and stealing sausages left over from breakfast. There was a lovely atmosphere and a perfect way to start the day.

That time

No matter how chilled the morning is on a wedding day, there is always “that time” It’s when things start to step up a gear, the bride gets her dress on, and the rush begins to set in. This day was no different, and panic started to set in as soon as this happened.

Body language

I have been doing this for about 20 years and am good at reading situations. I could see that Chloe was nervous, so the last thing she needed was a photographer insisting on loads of pictures as soon as she was ready. Instead, I told her to relax, spend time with her family and breathe. My philosophy is always the wedding day is more important than the photos, and it’s a long day, so we can always make things happen.

Ceremony time

I headed into the ceremony room and saw John. John is a cool character, but I could see he was nervous. His Best Man was doing a good job helping him relax, but I could see the nerves. The music started, and it was time. John burst into tears as soon as he saw Chloe (which is what should happen), and it was time. As soon as the bride saw the groom, she instantly relaxed.


After the ceremony, everyone headed around the front of Spicer Manor, which is stunning. We did some confetti, and everyone else then relaxed ate beautiful canapes from their resident chef Andrew Bradley of Bradleys Catering and had an excellent time. The day was very sunny, which is always a challenge for photographers, but I embraced it and captured many moments. The light would be difficult to work in for the group photos, so we left them until after the wedding breakfast.

It was a lovely relaxed day filled with smiles and laughter.


The speeches were short and sweet, which was perfect. No bad jokes, just heartfelt speeches before everyone settled down to their wedding breakfast.

After the wedding breakfast, the kids came into the house as a party planner had come and played loads of games with them. It was a brilliant idea as they all got busy dancing, playing games, face painting and pretty much everything else you can think of.

Party time

After the wedding breakfast, we did the group shots, a large group picture and more candid pictures of guests enjoying themselves. 

Then it was time to get the party started, we cut the cake, and it was the first dance time. The first dance was swift, and everyone jumped in to help the bride and groom. I forgot to mention that during the ceremony in the afternoon, the bride and groom had some guitar dude called Brad doing his thing. Brad was also doing a set in the evening before he went to Djng. There was a lovely moment when one of the guests accompanied Brad by playing his saxophone. Aunty Jane worked the dancefloor, and the evening was great.

People ate burgers (including me), some danced and chatted, and it was chilled.

To end the wedding, Chloe and John had asked if I could do a dusk photo, so I set up a couple of lights, and it was a great way to finish the day.

The wedding was lovely, very chilled out and precisely what the bride and groom had hoped for.  

Thank you, Chloe and John, for inviting me to photograph your wedding.

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