Brand photography for Burger Burger, Honley, West Yorkshire

Brand photography, Honley, Burger Burger

Burger Burger, brand photography, Honley I had a quick photoshoot at Burger Burger in Honley, West Yorkshire, a couple of weeks ago. The shoot was for their Honley business listing on the Honley website. Know what you want and escape. The Honley shoots are a little different to most of my work. I only require about eight photos which tell…

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Brand photography in Honley, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire

Brand photography for Fitzpatrick’s fuels in Honley, West Yorkshire A while ago, I headed over to Fitzpatricks Fuels for a photoshoot. As per usual with most of my shoots, my subjects were a little shy and didn’t like having their picture taken, so it was familiar territory. Tell the story As a storyteller, I wanted…

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Brand photography in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire

Brand photo shoot for South Pennine Community transport. I had a brand photo shoot for South Pennine Community Transport in Honley, West Yorkshire, yesterday. The shoot was for their business listing on the Honley website, so I knew I wanted to capture pictures of people and capture the community spirit. People buy from people. My…

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Brand photoshoot in Honley. West Yorkshire

Personal brand shoot for Aromatherapy by Samantha The next business on the agenda for the Honley website was Aromatherapy by Samantha. I headed to her home therapy room to see her in action.  I will be the first to admit that I know very little about aromatherapy, so I am always happy to learn. Use a model I…

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Brand photography Huddersfield, West Yorkshire

Holm Valley Venetian, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire

Business brand photography for Holme Valley Venetian I had a business brand shoot with Ben from Holme Valley Venetian a couple of months ago. This photo shoot was to create pictures for Holme Valley Venetians business listing on the Honley website.   Storytelling I always approach my shoots with storytelling in mind, and this was no different. I knew…

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Business brand photography for Gate Nine, Honley

Huddersfield brand photography - Gate Nine

Brand photos for Gate Nine printers My next business for my Honley project was for Gate Nine, print, graphic design and sign makers. I headed down to see Ben in his premises, and I realised that the room was full of impressive machinery. Tell the story I knew Ben didn’t have long, so I knew that I had…

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Brand photos in Honley, West Yorkshire

Breathing Space, Honley

My next brand photo shoot for the Honley website was Breathing Space. Caroline offers emotional support for young people. Caroline is a child psychologist who has just opened her Space in Honley, West Yorkshire. Models I knew the pictures of Caroline would be much better if I had some people to model, so as it was the school…

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Brand photography in Honley, West Yorkshire Tatchell Motors

Tatchell Motors brand photography in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire Tatchell Motors is the following business on my list to photograph for the Honley website. The reason for the brand photoshoot was for Tatchell Motors’ business listing. Understand your client’s needs My number one rule when I am on a photo shoot is to understand your client’s needs. Know…

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Brand photography for Stephensons landscaping, Honley, West Yorkshire

Stephensons trees and landscapes, Honley, West Yorkshire I was asked to take some pictures for Stephensons Trees and Landscapes in Honley, West Yorkshire. This was for their business listing on the Honley website. As expected the Yorkshire weather didn’t disappoint and it thought torrential rain would be a good idea, I guess landscapers work in…

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