Wedding photography at Healds Hall, West Yorkshire

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Megan and Andrews’s wedding at Healds Hall

Earlier in the Summer, I had the pleasure of heading to Healds Hall, West Yorkshire, to photograph Megan and Andrews’s big day. Megan and Andrew are some of the most genuine people you could ever meet. I met up in the morning with Megan, the bride. As soon as I arrived, I knew this was a wedding which was all about the people, which is how a wedding should be. It was great to see that my favourite florist, the fabulous Sharron from Down to Earth, was there in the morning to bring some beautiful flowers.


Megan seemed calm in the morning. Andrew, on the other hand, was a bag of nerves. As soon as he arrived, I could feel his nervous energy. He was shaking and so nervous, which is always fun to photograph. It was easy to see how special their connection was.


The ceremony was lovely, and Andrew eventually relaxed when he saw his bride. After the ceremony, everyone headed outside and mingled; we shot group and confetti pictures. Most of the time, I just captured guests laughing and chatting and enjoying themselves. The wedding was a lovely, chilled-out, relaxed day; it was one of the weddings in which I was treated as a family member, and I enjoyed chatting with everyone.

The speeches were short and sweet; everyone ate lovely food, drank, and thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Evening time

After the wedding breakfast, a duo singer and guitarist provided some nice ambient tunes, and people sat around the hotel and generally relaxed. I managed to grab a few more portraits of the bride and groom, which was good. 

First dance fun

When I met with Andrew and Megan, they told me they had been going to dance lessons to create some magical first dance routine. I saw some sneaky rehearsals during the evening, and nerves and drink aren’t a good mix. The dance was going somewhat pear-shaped, but it was all going to be alright.

When the first dance happened, the dance didn’t go to plan, but who cares? It was nice to see some dancing instead of the 10 seconds shuffle that I usually see (not that I can dance).  


Some of the guests (I think everyone was a dentist) were in a ceilidh band, and as a bit of a gift, they brought their squeeze box, and an ad-hoc ceilidh ensued. I love a ceilidh, and I have mentioned how difficult they are to photograph, but they are great fun.


For the rest of the evening, the DJ took over, and the dancing happened. I have been at countless wedding parties over the years, but I had never seen the dance moves that the groom was doing. He had his hands up in the air and tilted his body; it was fascinating and made great pictures.

I love weddings with genuinely lovely people, and it was a privilege to be hired to photograph Andrew and Megan’s fabulous wedding.

Congratulations, and thank you for choosing me.

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