Wedding photography at Roundhay Mansion, Leeds, for Nikki and Adam

Roundhay Mansion wedding photography for Nikki and Adam

As I reminisce about some of my past weddings, I’m delighted to share this one from 2021. Nikki and Adam’s wedding day was a beautiful celebration at the Roundhay Park Mansion in Leeds. 

This was a fantastic wedding, and hopefully, the pictures illustrate this.

Nikki and the team bride were really excited, and there was a lovely atmosphere. While everyone was getting ready, I walked around the venue and saw all the fabulous details, and it was very evident that orange was the colour. Nikki chose the Mansion at Roundhay because of the beautiful staircase, and the florists had done an amazing job decorating it in orange, so I knew I had to capture some pictures there.

I had arranged to meet Adam and the team groom at the pub, which is always good. When we walked out of the pub, some Morris dancers had turned up, so we roped Adam into having a dance. I love spontaneous moments like this at weddings.

When I returned, Nikki was ready for a first look at her dad, which I love to photograph. Dad did a great job of getting a little emotional, so I knew it was going to be a good wedding.

Nikki’s grandad conducted the ceremony, so it was lovely and personal, which is always special.

After the ceremony, we had the reception. It was a beautiful sunny day, so it was lovely to be outside. Everyone threw orange confetti at the couple. People ate canapes, drank, and listened to the two-piece band (sorry, I’ve forgotten their name). I photographed some group photos, and the rest of the time, I captured candid pictures of guests, and everyone enjoyed their time.

The speeches were great. There were lots of laughs and some tears, which is always a winning recipe. Everyone drank, chatted, and had a fab time.

After the meal, I took Nikki and Adam off for a ten-minute shoot. I knew there was a nice fountain area, so we started there. Nikki, of course, brought some orange wellies, so we also used them.

In the evening, the band did their thing and got everyone on the dancefloor. It was a fantastic party. Everyone danced, sang, fell over, and loved it. The wedding day was brilliant. Everyone loved it, and we got some brilliant pictures.

Congratulations Nikki and Adam.

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