I never set out to be a wedding photographer.

My early years were spent in the world of extreme sports. I was a skateboarder sponsored by Adidas, with thoughts of working in the fitness industry.

Then one day, I visited a friend who was editing some photos, and I loved what he had taken. So much so I wanted to have a go myself.  

Armed with a borrowed camera, I started clicking, and the rest, as they say, is history.

I loved taking pictures of people, and it was also clear I was very good with a camera; the two came together, and John Steel Photography was born.

For me, photography is about two things,  people and a story. 

It’s capturing people in as natural a way as possible to tell the story without the need for any words or explanations. 

My images do that.

My studio is wherever people are; my backdrops and light come from the surroundings, allowing me to capture images that are as unique as the people I am working with.

From photographing weddings to family shoots, fitness shoots to commercial and personal branding, my documentary style of photography brings out the client’s personality in a way no staged studio shoot ever could.  

Over the years, my gear and methods have changed and evolved but not the goal: to capture unique images of people that tell memorable stories.

My skateboarding days are long gone, something my knees are enterally grateful for. I am now a family man living in Yorkshire with two beautiful daughters and working as a professional photographer.

I genuinely love what I do, and people experience that when I work with them, many of my clients use me again and again; they love what I do for them and how I do it.

I don’t shoot chavs and wags, cheesy pics or headshots on white backgrounds.

I am not your average photographer, and that’s why the pictures I capture for you will be talked about for years to come.