Wedding photography

I have been a Yorkshire documentary wedding photographer for the last fifteen years. Why a Yorkshire documentary wedding photographer? Well, number one is that I am from Yorkshire, West Yorkshire to be precise and number two I love capturing people so documentary wedding photography is perfect for me. In my fifteen years of being a Yorkshire documentary wedding photographer, I have photographed brides in the bucket of a tractor, grooms on skateboards, the wedding party dancing on Jeeps, and even the newlyweds visiting Santa clause.

And before you start to think this is not for me, too wacky and way out, I also capture those special moments every wedding has. The father sees his daughter in her dress for the first time, the couple’s first kiss, and the moment the grooms see the bride walking down the aisle.

Having photographed hundreds of weddings, from small events with six people to huge events in marquees and I have learned a lot about what makes the pictures of them special.

I have realised a wedding is not about staged photos, cheesy pictures of rings or endless group photos against a white background and that’s the reason why I am a Yorkshire documentary wedding photographer.

A wedding is about the people, emotions and the unique moments of the day.

That is what I capture.

I will leave you with a set of unique pictures that tell your story of your day in a way that is truly memorable.

If you’re looking for a wedding photographer in West Yorkshire who has experience getting the best out of your day, contact me today to discuss your special day. My prices are available on this website as well as my step by step process so you can see exactly what you are getting with 100% transparency.